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CHC is a cross between a writers’ workshop and a poetry anthology on instagram to keep us sane while society is on Coronal hold.


Each day of the traditional work week, a poetry prompt will be posted on our Instagram story and in its feed.


Anyone out in the wide Instagram world can write a poem that somehow interacts with that prompt! Bring it to our attention by tagging CHC through a photo of the poem in your story or a post, we’ll share as many of the resulting pieces as we can manage to.


All rights will defer to you/the account holder(s) attached to each shared piece. 

How do I do it?

-To submit, post a poem in your Instagram story or feed (handwritten/typed/gothic lettering with a stencil/get wild while staying legible) and tag us in it!

-We post a new prompt every weekday, generally in the morning. Keep an eye out! We also welcome special guest prompt-contributors, new work to read, and new peers to meet.

-Each day a prompt is posted, we’ll read every submission and post the results that night!

Why should I?

If you, like us, are a creative trying to recalibrate your maker brain as COVID-19 upends the world as we know it, having a free prompt to jumpstart your practice can make all the difference.


Or, perhaps you’ve never actually thought of yourself as a creative, but you’d sure like to try something new right now. We would benefit from that, anyway.


This is most likely a self-serving life preserver situation. Come swim with us. (Well, maybe don’t, because social distancing is important. But let your brain swim, and send us the results!)

What are the rules?

-No hate speech (Hate speech is any form of expression through which speakers intend to vilify, humiliate, or incite hatred against a group or a class of persons [or an individual]. (ALA)

-In tagging us, we have the right to share your work on our account

-All rights defer to each poem’s account/account-owners 

-CHC reserves the right to remove content that violates the hate speech guideline.

-Submissions must be in response to the prompt we posted on the day of submission

-No hate speech. The world is on many different kinds of fire right now. Stop it.

-Again, no hate speech

-One poem at a time- just as we’re taking it one day at a time with the quarantine and impending doom, take your poetry one day at a time! If you miss a prompt, don’t worry! Tomorrow is another day.

Clean Hands Collective is a by-product of the ongoing crises which shake the world. Brought to you by poets Abigail Kirby Conklin and Noah David Roberts, the triple-name-duo, our goal is to provide you with an activity during your quarantine, something AKC and NDR desperately need, as they are both slowly descending into derangement.

© 2020 End Paper Press. 

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